Lesbian/Bi Stories Can Positively End Up Being Common

Trish Bendix
on Summer 10, 2015

The thing that makes anything queer? Is it the person behind the television program or film, or a character that rests with the exact same gender? Possibly it’s the subtext by yourself that some people latch onto and others remain oblivious. Queer tales (in fact it is to say items that are not 100 % heterosexual) are becoming a sizable area of the zeitgeist throughout the last three decades, and mainstream society is way better off for this. Queer tradition features, needless to say, existed—and persisted—but largely regarding perimeter, and lots of of our tales happen reshaped for size intake, straightened out and de-gayed in order for characters might-be a lot more “relatable.” (See:

Fried Green Tomatoes


Yet while LGBT guides, television shows, flicks and Broadway programs were offered awards, produced vital recognition, and growing fanbases, there is nevertheless a pervasive proven fact that suggests people to their rear (authors, manufacturers, sites, actors, etc.) must prove that their particular tasks are perhaps not “simply a homosexual story.”

Fun Residence

‘s playwright

Lisa Kron

answered this in a current meeting, discussing exactly how individuals qualify the butch lesbian-led show by stating its “much larger than the storyline of a lesbian.”

“we state, ‘It’s EXACTLY the sized the storyline of a lesbian,”

Lisa told

This New York Article

. “The presumption is this person can’t reflect some thing fundamental concerning person experience. I’m neither Danish nor royal, but I don’t have excessive problems [understanding]



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Each queer lady has grown upwards eating heterosexual stories, if they go for about really love and relationships or just the main bigger tapestry in a story about war or illness or minutes ever sold. Somehow we’ve been able to find an integral part of our selves included, recognize with a protagonist or learn something new. Tend to be we just smarter or higher flexible than directly men and women? I’d like to point out that’s the situation, but I really don’t think thatis the truth. Exactly What


true is that the powerful patriarchy that renders almost all of the choices with what we watch, review or listen to en masse remains afraid that “gay” stories are not universal


that the just people who will view a show with a lesbian lead tend to be lesbians, unless this lady has a right man best friend or a male sperm donor she sleeps with. Definitely which makes it much more palatable, for some reason, which assumes that direct consumer is actually possibly also homophobic and resistant or stupid enough which they cannot discover any concern or interest in a person who is different from all of them in one or more significant way. Never mind that they will view science fiction and dream


the suspension of belief stops with sexuality.

I found myself thus thrilled to notice Lisa Kron vocals this lady view on this subject relating to the woman Tony-award winning tv series

Fun Residence

, since the majority of the time, perhaps the lesbians and homosexual guys behind work which includes LGBT themes is a part of the issue. When

One Big Happy

was about to premiere,

Ellen DeGeneres

(a professional music producer on program) planned to have the point across:

“It just is actually a really funny tv show. It occurs to have a lesbian figure on it. It is not like We established a production business and stated, ‘Bring myself your entire lesbian texts.’ I’m not only likely to be a lesbian device that just turns out material.”

The theory that Ellen or someone else tends to make shows about lesbians simply because we desire even more lesbians is actually an unconventional thought that seems widely accepted. Yes, we wish even more exposure, however at the cost of quality. Or no news designers took a review of Twitter or Tumblr not too long ago, they would know there is a fairly high standard when considering the sorts of representation there is on tv and movie, and any non-fully fleshed out lesbian or bi character will probably provide us with pause.

It isn’t really precisely what we observe: oahu is the music we listen to, too. Queer musicians and artists usually won’t talk about their sex of fear it will ghettoize their particular songs; that their unique openly discussing who they will have relationships with provides a bearing on exactly who purchases their records and comes to their unique shows. And while this can be a concern for most artists, other individuals have the ability to transcend brands, sort of like exactly how Ellen has made the woman sex section of who she’s although not a massive focus.

“There seems to be men and women locating amazing comfort and inspiration and empowerment in just who we have been. We have now had individuals wind up as, ‘Oh, they’re gay’ or ‘Oh, which is homosexual music’ or ‘I don’t like gay men and women,’ but we gain so much from becoming on it kind of neutralizes that,”

Tegan Quin


The Dallas Voice

. “Like, Really don’t care. There has been times where it’s been dark colored, in which somebody is actually homophobic, and I also simply want to, like, run away and conceal. Rather i simply choose a 2-by-4, metaphorically talking, and bash through it and keep waking up on-stage and being pleased with exactly who we’re.”

Do queer women like Tegan and Sara? Hell yeah they do. And non-queer women and men like them, too. But even if the larger population of a show or show is lesbian/bi-identified, exactly how usually any significantly less great?

If an account is advised due to the fact it has got a lesbian in it, it is prone to not be great. Like if a story is being informed about a straight white man speaking Shakespeare—what causes us to be proper care? Why is all of us need to know much more, to obtain involved, to feel invested in a stranger, a fictional personality? Queer women have unique perspectives, and all of our means of transferring through world, having it differently than what is usually force-fed to the community, is as worthy of getting shared—and, further than that, essential. Seeing united states, hearing you, checking out united states humanizes all of us, rendering it that much tougher for people to determine we are dangers to them—a team that should be reviled, ceased or killed.

Can a Broadway show about a lesbian suffering family members problems, expanding up different and discovering by herself assist alter the way some one feels? Yes it can—and could win Tonys doing so. Lisa Kron,

Alison Bechdel

together with other out women involved in

Fun Home

, along with partners just who trust the power of storytelling, know-how important truly that we quit acting what we should’re undertaking is actually any significantly less watchable because we’re part of it unless we insist normally.

Shows that have actually a premise of being “about lesbians” never last very long; shows that are about the human experience as told through the lens of a queer lady or a few queer ladies will stay the test period. Is


“about lesbians”? No, it’s about a woman who is associated with a mob plan she desperately wants from and locates an appeal to your hot feminine local plumber nearby. It is it

maybe not

a lesbian tale? Yes, it is—and among the first mainstream flicks that succeeded with a female-female few from the heart, bringing in near to four million bucks as of yet.


As for

The L Keyword

, it had been both a tv show about queer ladies and informing lesbian stories from primarily lesbian ladies. But it had fully-realized figures and tales plus transcended a strictly lesbian audience. Numerous

direct women

, gay and

direct men watched the tv series

, exactly like we view programs “about” all of them. Even when they saw it strictly away from voyeuristic curiosity, that they had experience a lot more mental melodrama and lesbian lingo than actual girl-on-girl intercourse views. If it had been undoubtedly aforementioned,

The L Keyword

would never have survived six seasons on reasonably limited cable network. (Sadly, the truth version was actually much less nuanced, which explains why it don’t food very well.)

The truth is that a lesbian audience isn’t big enough to produce a tv show or artist a winner. (Unless perhaps every one folks tuned in, although this is certainly unlikely because we’ve differing tastes and passions, the same as others!!!) But our company is nevertheless a sizable team, and another that is deserving of recognition and representation like any others. (the point that most of the many apparent tales at this stage are about white, able-bodied, cisgender and middle to real professional lesbians is another issue by itself!) It really is an unfair stigma and subsequent punishment as offered much less opportunities on the basis of the common population’s sensed one-track heads. When we all say yes to move past the period, maybe we are able to try to start all of them up, and in addition we’ll be best off for it.

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